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How I became radical: From being an ecologist…to a queer decolonial eco-feminist

How I became radical: From being an ecologist…to a queer decolonial eco-feminist

Ebène l’AdelpheMar 4, 202429 min read
The story of Ebène l’Adelphe, and how they became aware of the ecological crisis, and what they’re doing now to fight it.
The ultra-wealthy funding climate change projects

The rich and climate change: their real impact

Jacques LawinskiFeb 12, 202429 min read
The mega-rich have more impact on climate change than you might think. Through their investments and their influence in the global response, they act to protect their wealth and their power.
Eco-emotions: eco-anxiety, solastalgia, eco-depression…

Eco-emotions: eco-anxiety, solastalgia, eco-depression…

Jacques LawinskiDec 7, 202322 min read
59% of young people report feeling worried about climate change. Eco-anxiety is a very real emotion that is only going to become more prevalent as our climate changes in drastic ways.
Is recycling really that great?

Is recycling really that great?

Jacques LawinskiOct 30, 202313 min read
Recycling is often heralded by business and government as an effective way to combat climate change and pollution problems. Does that claim stack up?
4 ways to think about the economy

4 ways to think about the economy

Jacques LawinskiOct 19, 202327 min read
How do our representations of the economy influence the way we view and try to solve the problems of our societies? There are alternatives to dominant neoliberal economics, and we explore some of them here.
cartoon people planning construction


Jacques LawinskiJul 20, 202335 min read
What is geo-engineering, and how does it work? Who is involved? And, most importantly, what are the risks? Our in-depth special covers all this and more.
Climate protesters

The corporate strategies to avoid change: an activist’s guide

Jacques LawinskiJul 13, 202316 min read
What is the strategy used by businesses and government to deal with protests and demands for change? How do they maintain their power and their position, throughout and despite the protests? Do meetings between activists and perpetrators often lead to change?
What is deep ecology?

What is deep ecology?

Jacques LawinskiMay 30, 202313 min read
There are many ways to approach the ecological crisis. Deep ecology is one of them, founded by Arne Naess in 1973.
what we do now impacts future generations

IPCC Synthesis Report: what we do now will determine the future impact of climate change

Jacques LawinskiApr 12, 202317 min read
The IPCC Synthesis Report AR6 published in late March 2023 tells us the current state of climate research as well as the gaps between current and necessary action.
A new way to think of entrepreneurship

A new way to think of entrepreneurship

Jacques LawinskiMar 5, 202321 min read
Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be about making lots of money. It can be ecological, too, and exist in ways that support the ecological transition, rather than continue to degrade the resources of the Earth.
Recycle icon

The circular economy

Jacques LawinskiFeb 7, 202327 min read
Is the circular economy a miraculous solution to save our societies from collapse, or another way of justifying status-quo, which doesn’t actually work?
Pollution from factories

Global Carbon Inequalities

Jacques LawinskiJan 11, 202314 min read
Carbon emissions are far from equal. Rich people seem to emit more than poor people, and rich countries more than poor ones. Just how bad is this global inequality?
Dictionary image

Political Ecology dictionary

Jacques LawinskiJan 10, 202339 min read
Wondering what these words mean? Find a simple definition of words relating to political ecology here.
People protesting the climate change inaction

Political Ecology vs Environmentalism

Jacques LawinskiDec 28, 20229 min read
Are you aware that sustainability and environmental management aren’t the only ways to look at the ecological crisis? Let’s explore the difference between political ecology and environmentalism.


Our environment is more than a resource to be exploited. Human beings are not the ‘masters of nature,’ and cannot think they are managers of everything around them. Plurality is about finding a wealth of ideas to help us cope with the ecological crisis which we have to confront now, and in the coming decades. We all need to understand what is at stake, and create new ways of being in the world, new dreams for ourselves, that recognise this uncertain future.

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