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Food brings us together! Here are some of my favourite vegan recipes that bring out the natural flavour to be found in beautiful, fresh ingredients. 

Cauliflower lemon pickle in a jar

Lemon Pickled Cauliflower

Jacques Lawinski26 Feb 20233 min read
A delicious cauliflower and lemon pickle perfect for salads, with rice, or as a pickled accompaniment to your favourite dishes!
Vegan 'nduja paste

Vegan ‘nduja paste

Jacques Lawinski4 Feb 20233 min read
Packed full of umami flavour, this vegan/vegetarian ‘nduja will add some spice and depth of flavour to any Italian or Mediterranean dish.
Pad kee mao drunken noodles in a pan

Pad kee mao

Jacques Lawinski30 Jan 20235 min read
A delicious Thai-inspired dish that has been made vegan by making your own oyster sauce and fish sauce, and using tofu as your protein! The fresh basil takes it to another level, a great crowd-pleaser!
Pasta with chickpeas, beans, tomato and feta

Spelt pasta with green beans, red onion and chickpeas

Jacques Lawinski25 Jan 20235 min read
A fresh summer pasta salad to use up homegrown beans and to be enjoyed on a hot day! Served warm.
Fruit and vegetables on a market stall

Why eating well is ecological

Jacques Lawinski25 Jan 202319 min read
Why is eating well good for the environment? Good food means good health, for both ourselves and the ecosystems which produce our food.
Fruit and vegetables on a market stall

Manifesto for good food

Jacques Lawinski17 Jan 20234 min read
A poem to express the importance of good, fresh food. The food section is all about how fresh, healthy food can save both you and the planet.


Our environment is more than a resource to be exploited. Human beings are not the ‘masters of nature,’ and cannot think they are managers of everything around them. Plurality is about finding a wealth of ideas to help us cope with the ecological crisis which we have to confront now, and in the coming decades. We all need to understand what is at stake, and create new ways of being in the world, new dreams for ourselves, that recognise this uncertain future.

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