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Jacques Lawinski

Jacques Lawinski

PhD candidate in philosophy and ecology at Université Paris VIII, visiting researcher in Lesvos, Greece. A writer, an activist, and an avid walker, I explore the planet and what it means to relate to nature, finding new, ecological ways of being.

A poem to express the importance of good, fresh food. The food section is all about how fresh, healthy food can save both you and the planet.


Image: Jacopo Maia on Unsplash

Amongst all the plastic, the additives, the chemicals and the gunk,
there lies a very simple component that somewhere got sunk:
the vegetable itself, of course, or the fruit,
the bean, the grain, and the nut minus the suit.

These simple elements at the heart of our dishes
don’t need citric acid, flavours, colours and wishes,
they shouldn’t be found in packets and boxes
nor mushed up, nor hidden, nor covered in toxins.

These things are not food for they sure aren’t nutritious,
they’ll give you inflammation and disease
and surely aren’t that delicious.

Vegetables, dear friends, are the solution to your woes:
they taste great, they look nice,
and oh how they come alive
with oil and spice!

And beans, I tell you, are powerhouses of goodness,
there’s vitamins and minerals and protein in hummus –
just enough for each day of course,
and even for those who eat like a horse!

But wait you are saying,
you cannot be right:
I can’t cook vegetables
and I’m not prepared for the fight!

Then all you must do is get to know them:
what they love, what they hate,
who they envy, and their mates.

So cook, dear friends, and watch your palate come alive,
with colour and flavour and a wee little jive,
you might be disappointed with your first try,
but again and again and you’ll surely fly.

Just remember these rules and you’re sure to be right:
fresh and nothing less, that’s every night.
A grain, a vegetable, a bean and some leaves
add a few herbs and spices or even some cheese.

Try, test, experiment and explore,
the exciting world of food will only leave you wanting more!

Sharing knowledge is also a great gift.
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Our environment is more than a resource to be exploited. Human beings are not the ‘masters of nature,’ and cannot think they are managers of everything around them. Plurality is about finding a wealth of ideas to help us cope with the ecological crisis which we have to confront now, and in the coming decades. We all need to understand what is at stake, and create new ways of being in the world, new dreams for ourselves, that recognise this uncertain future.

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